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Tired of assembly-line doctor visits? Join GreenField Health, a primary care clinic that partners with you to be healthy and live vibrantly.

Become a member of a practice rooted in the values of relationship, service, and reliability. Membership is is a benefit of working for Intel and no cost to employees.

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Or give Courtney Wiren, our New Patient Coordinator, a call directly at 503-384-2053 to get set up today.

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GreenField is a great combination of personalized care, convenience and competence. The physicians and staff know me, know my history. I frequently get responses to questions while I’m in the airport or after hours.
Imad Sousou, Intel VP and General Manager, Open Source Technology Center; patient since 2004

GreenField’s system is more in-line with the way I work. I can communicate with my doctor by email, telephone or a face-to-face meeting. I use the system that works best, which equals increased efficiency for everyone.
Enrique Castro-Leon, Intel Technology Strategist; patient since 2008

I have been amazed at the amount of time and interest the doctors at GreenField show in their patients. When I go into the office, I am not a disease. I am a person. It is the most responsive and humanizing medical care I have ever received.
Laurel J. Forbes, Intel Technology Engineer; patient since 2003

Benefits of Membership

As a member of GreenField Health, you enjoy a deeper relationship with your clinician, greater access to care, and overall better healthcare.

Ready Access

ready access

Quality Time

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Trustworthy Team

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Expert Guidance

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Convenient locations for Intel employees

GreenField has two offices: the Westside office is located on Barnes Road, near Providence-St. Vincent; the Eastside office is in the Lloyd District at 700 NE Multnomah.

Call: (503) 384-2040

GreenField Clinicians

Cheston Wong, PA-C

Internal Medicine

I am excited to collaborate with my patients to improve their lives from a multidisciplinary approach. I value the importance of establishing and maintaining robust relationships with my patients and believe that such partnerships allows for the delivery of informed and appropriate healthcare.

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Dr. Leesa M. Azar, MS, MD

Internal Medicine

Being a doc is a hard job, but what keeps me going is knowing that I’ve helped someone. This is the greatest reward, knowing I’ve saved a life, improved someone’s life, or made them feel better. My long term patients are like friends and family members. I’m always happy to see them, and these relationships are an important part of my life. I never want to retire, and hope that I will be able to live up to the promise I’ve made to many patients, that I never will.

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